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There are several excellent materials for teachers and other educators to help promote religious tolerance in the classroom. Remember that all educators should be in neutral positions, using resources that neither promote or criticize any religion or particular religious or nonreligious belief system. You should also check the accuracy of the information. It is suggested that you use materials developed by established institutions with experts in religious diversity and intergroup understanding, preferably from educational scholars. Educators should select materials that represent diversity within each belief system. For example, there are different religious traditions/practices within Islam, as well as Christianity.

BBC To introduce different religions and beliefs to students
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service)To introduce the topics of religion, culture and diversity to students across all year levels
Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding Samples of lesson plans for teachers
Specific lesson plan on “respecting each other”
Teaching Tolerance ProjectProvides plans for teachers all year levels. Although these classroom resources were developed based on the US curriculum, teachers can get ideas and develop their own lesson plans from these excellent resources.
Teaching Tolerance and the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious UnderstandingThis free 5-part webinar series titled Religious Diversity in the Classroom also offers complementary material to aid
discussions around the way awareness of religious diversity affects global citizenship, as well as provides insights into how teaching about religion across year levels and subject areas can help meet academic standards.
The National Centre for Contemporary Islamic Studies Australia of The University of Melbourne Their multi-faith classroom resource kit, titled Understanding the Multifaith Classroom in a Secular Society, provides balanced information about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in an Australian context.